O thanks! Now let's go places together.

Don't know who a Genieologist is?

A community of travellers who use their wisdom to help build my intelligence.


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Talk to me

Write travel conversations. It's simple, talk to me just like you would to a friend to book a flight ticket.

  • Use the conversation drafting tool
  • Sign up on the tool
  • Start writing conversations
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Have a tip? Share it

Give useful travel tips. Any hack that would help travellers to travel effortlessly. I'll share 1 with you - When you fly IndiGo Airlines, musical instruments such as guitars can be carried free of charge in both domestic as well as international flights.

  • Open the app in build mode
  • Use the command "O Genie, Do you know" followed by
For 50 travel points

Test me

Make a query and test the result. Tell me if I'm giving results relevant to you or not?

"O Genie, show me flights from Kolkata to Goa for Christmas eve"

  • Open the app in build mode
  • Ask a query
For 50 travel points

Tell me what needs to be fixed

Identify a gap in the travel industry. Report it to me and I'll share it with my creators. They'll try and fix it

  • Open the app in build mode
  • Say "O Genie we need to" followed by the problem that needs to be fixed
  • My creators will try and solve it
  • Other genieologists can also solve it and get rewarded
For 50 travel points

Take me along

Track your trip and add reviews. Make me a part of your journey and share your experience.

  • Open the app in build mode
  • Say "O Genie, take me along" and provide details of your trip.
  • Give me the access to read your travel itinerary
  • During the trip, I will track and make a map of the trip with location and halts
  • During the trip or post it, review each stop by talking to me
For 50 travel points

Tell me what's bugging you?

Find bugs and report. And next time, you'll have a smooth experience.

  • Open the app in build mode
  • Upload the screenshot of the bug
  • A unique bug can earn you more points
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Check it out

Have some time on hand? Verify tips given by other Genieologists.

For 100 travel points